Spring 2019 Home Trends

DIY Projects

I have seen SO many homes getting a “Spring Refresh” and I love this idea!!! Along with decluttering and cleaning, I think our homes would benefit from moving pieces around or adding a few inexpensive ones! Which lead me to creating this post!! I’m always trying to do things on the cheap without looking cheap. So here are things that I would put in my own home that don’t cost an arm and a leg!!


Swap out throws and pillows

If you have any heavy wool throws or pillows lets store those for next winter and put out some nice light throws. I’m always down for snuggling with a blanket, but the light fabric used in these throws are perfect for the rising spring and summer temps.


I love the little pop of orange in this throw!!


Bonus this throw is under $20 right now!!

These pillows are a nice switch towards spring. They are neutral enough anyone can use them plus they are high quality without the price! Find them here.


Adopt a plant

Indoor plants are all the rage right now. I mean I have several myself and love them dearly. But they also have many benefits that most people don’t talk about. Like most plants filter your air and put out clean air!

My most recent plant adoption is this baby fiddle leaf fig tree! I’m in love!! It arrived SO healthy and with minimal disturbance for having just come off the UPS truck. The fun with buying one this small is you get to grow it! It can reach up to 5 feet tall and add a large amount of texture to your room! It’s even under $30!!!


Succulents are incredibly easy to care for. Especially for beginners! These are just a couple on Amazon, but you can also visit The Sill and order many plants from them!


Terracotta pots add a light breezy feeling to your plants. They are neutral and these are the perfect size for those adorable succulents.

Change our your bedding


I am so loving this bedding!! It’s romantic while still being light and airy! Perfect for spring!


I have this same duvet cover, but in black. It legit is SO pretty and really great quality!!! Everything is starting to pull back towards the 70’s, and what is more disco than velvet? You won’t regret this one!

Add some new pieces


Adding some glass jars with a few stems for a center piece is a classic and chic look. Bonus these glass jars are on sale and under $12!!!


No matter what time of year it is, weaved baskets are always a good idea. They are perfect for those larger plants to sit in and cheaper than a new pot for them when you don’t want everyone to see the plastic store container it came in. And this one is only $19!


Adding tea towels to your kitchen are always a great way to add a little pop or fun color without creating anarchy in your color scheme. They are a low commitment kind of accessory.

I totally get it if you feel more like me and can’t always afford to buy something new. SO I suggest doing what you can with what you have! Flip over your couch cushions, clean both sides and admire the fresh clean feel. Shampoo your rugs and carpets, this always makes a huge impact in my house. Move around your pictures on the wall, or take everything off your coffee table and only put back the items that “spark joy”. I have even gone so far as to rearrange the furniture in my house. Moving things around always gives you a new perspective and quick cheap face lift! Take everything off of your kitchen counters, clean it all and only put back what you love. Swap some decor between two rooms and feel accomplished. I know you knew this one was coming, add a candle, or febreeze or ANYTHING with a fresh sent. Smell is SO important!

There are a million ways for you to do a Spring Refresh in your house. All on the cheap. Stick with me kid and you’ll learn a couple things!

Easter 2019 Gift Guide


Am I the only one who gets tired of giving their kids a mountain of candy on Easter? I can’t be right? I mean, they get candy in their eggs… why also in a basket!? It’s madness. SO I am putting together an Easter gift guide that’s budget friendly and items that my kids have loved over the years. It ain’t nothing special, but maybe it will give you a few ideas!

Boys and Girls:


Chalk  is always, always a good idea in my book. It provides hours of fun outside and away from a screen. Stretch those little imaginations!


A kite  has always been a wonderous thing to me. Like I’m flying this thing in the sky and can bring it back down at any time. My kids LOVE getting a kite every year in their basket!


Movies  might be a little outdated with all of the streaming we have any more. But I still think getting a classic Disney movie never gets old. Bonus, this one is under $5!!


Sand box kits  always go a long ways with little kids, whether they have an actual sand box or rocks or dirt or mud to play in is fine by me. It’s SO good for littles to be able to touch and feel the world around them. So what if you need to pressure wash them when they are done. It’s always worth it. A dirty kid is a happy kid.


You might cringe and hate me for suggesting play doh  , I know I would have. My kids got play doh on a whim a few Christmas’s ago and it really is a life saver. It doesn’t come out often, but when mamma needs to get some work done and the kids need to be quit, it will make an appearance. They know that there are rules and it can only be played with when they are at the table. But watching them come up with all sorts of different play doh concoctions is so fun! It might save your bacon one day.


Coloring books really are so much fun. Even I love sitting down and coloring with the kids once in a while. This back is big enough that you could purchase it and break it up between several of your kids! Which is a great money saver in my book!

Of course you could always add on crayons, markers, sticker books, quiet books, hard board books, journals, pictures of the Savior, inexpensive watches, chapstick, play make up, hot wheels, gardening gloves, gardening tools… I mean really. There is SO many things that you can put in a basket! These are my favorite items!!! What are yours? Of course my kids always get a new church outfit for Easter Sunday.




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