Easter 2019 Gift Guide


Am I the only one who gets tired of giving their kids a mountain of candy on Easter? I can’t be right? I mean, they get candy in their eggs… why also in a basket!? It’s madness. SO I am putting together an Easter gift guide that’s budget friendly and items that my kids have loved over the years. It ain’t nothing special, but maybe it will give you a few ideas!

Boys and Girls:


Chalk  is always, always a good idea in my book. It provides hours of fun outside and away from a screen. Stretch those little imaginations!


A kite  has always been a wonderous thing to me. Like I’m flying this thing in the sky and can bring it back down at any time. My kids LOVE getting a kite every year in their basket!


Movies  might be a little outdated with all of the streaming we have any more. But I still think getting a classic Disney movie never gets old. Bonus, this one is under $5!!


Sand box kits  always go a long ways with little kids, whether they have an actual sand box or rocks or dirt or mud to play in is fine by me. It’s SO good for littles to be able to touch and feel the world around them. So what if you need to pressure wash them when they are done. It’s always worth it. A dirty kid is a happy kid.


You might cringe and hate me for suggesting play doh  , I know I would have. My kids got play doh on a whim a few Christmas’s ago and it really is a life saver. It doesn’t come out often, but when mamma needs to get some work done and the kids need to be quit, it will make an appearance. They know that there are rules and it can only be played with when they are at the table. But watching them come up with all sorts of different play doh concoctions is so fun! It might save your bacon one day.


Coloring books really are so much fun. Even I love sitting down and coloring with the kids once in a while. This back is big enough that you could purchase it and break it up between several of your kids! Which is a great money saver in my book!

Of course you could always add on crayons, markers, sticker books, quiet books, hard board books, journals, pictures of the Savior, inexpensive watches, chapstick, play make up, hot wheels, gardening gloves, gardening tools… I mean really. There is SO many things that you can put in a basket! These are my favorite items!!! What are yours? Of course my kids always get a new church outfit for Easter Sunday.




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