Spring 2019 Home Trends

DIY Projects

I have seen SO many homes getting a “Spring Refresh” and I love this idea!!! Along with decluttering and cleaning, I think our homes would benefit from moving pieces around or adding a few inexpensive ones! Which lead me to creating this post!! I’m always trying to do things on the cheap without looking cheap. So here are things that I would put in my own home that don’t cost an arm and a leg!!


Swap out throws and pillows

If you have any heavy wool throws or pillows lets store those for next winter and put out some nice light throws. I’m always down for snuggling with a blanket, but the light fabric used in these throws are perfect for the rising spring and summer temps.


I love the little pop of orange in this throw!!


Bonus this throw is under $20 right now!!

These pillows are a nice switch towards spring. They are neutral enough anyone can use them plus they are high quality without the price! Find them here.


Adopt a plant

Indoor plants are all the rage right now. I mean I have several myself and love them dearly. But they also have many benefits that most people don’t talk about. Like most plants filter your air and put out clean air!

My most recent plant adoption is this baby fiddle leaf fig tree! I’m in love!! It arrived SO healthy and with minimal disturbance for having just come off the UPS truck. The fun with buying one this small is you get to grow it! It can reach up to 5 feet tall and add a large amount of texture to your room! It’s even under $30!!!


Succulents are incredibly easy to care for. Especially for beginners! These are just a couple on Amazon, but you can also visit The Sill and order many plants from them!


Terracotta pots add a light breezy feeling to your plants. They are neutral and these are the perfect size for those adorable succulents.

Change our your bedding


I am so loving this bedding!! It’s romantic while still being light and airy! Perfect for spring!


I have this same duvet cover, but in black. It legit is SO pretty and really great quality!!! Everything is starting to pull back towards the 70’s, and what is more disco than velvet? You won’t regret this one!

Add some new pieces


Adding some glass jars with a few stems for a center piece is a classic and chic look. Bonus these glass jars are on sale and under $12!!!


No matter what time of year it is, weaved baskets are always a good idea. They are perfect for those larger plants to sit in and cheaper than a new pot for them when you don’t want everyone to see the plastic store container it came in. And this one is only $19!


Adding tea towels to your kitchen are always a great way to add a little pop or fun color without creating anarchy in your color scheme. They are a low commitment kind of accessory.

I totally get it if you feel more like me and can’t always afford to buy something new. SO I suggest doing what you can with what you have! Flip over your couch cushions, clean both sides and admire the fresh clean feel. Shampoo your rugs and carpets, this always makes a huge impact in my house. Move around your pictures on the wall, or take everything off your coffee table and only put back the items that “spark joy”. I have even gone so far as to rearrange the furniture in my house. Moving things around always gives you a new perspective and quick cheap face lift! Take everything off of your kitchen counters, clean it all and only put back what you love. Swap some decor between two rooms and feel accomplished. I know you knew this one was coming, add a candle, or febreeze or ANYTHING with a fresh sent. Smell is SO important!

There are a million ways for you to do a Spring Refresh in your house. All on the cheap. Stick with me kid and you’ll learn a couple things!

Pantry Makeover


I have been wanting to do a pantry makeover for so long! So when we moved into this house and I finally had an actual pantry to do that with, I was over the moon!!! So we’re going to talk all things sources on this post!!! I’ll have another one under the DIY tab to teach you how to wallpaper! Let’s jump in because there is a lot!



Game Plan

Before I bought anything or started taking everything out of my pantry I sat down and wrote out a game plan. I searched ideas on the IG and Pinterest. Once I knew what look I was going for I got to work researching the cheapest, without sacrificing quality, containers. I quickly noticed that The Container Store had the best selection and the best prices. Yes even over Amazon. I then went through my pantry and wrote down EVERYTHING that was in there. This honestly is the least fun part. Go figure. I even wrote a few notes next to certain items that I had problems with. For example my kids basically live on granola bars. But I was SO sick of picking up granola bars that had fallen on the floor, or empty boxes etc. So I knew I needed to eliminate as much packaging on them as I could. This helped me in finding the proper container for them to meet my goal. Pretty soon I had a really good list of items and what problems in storing those items I had. Next was measuring my space. I measured all of my shelves making sure I noted the depth so I didn’t buy any containers that would over hang. This also helped me calculate how much wallpaper I needed. You can find a wallpaper calculator here. I also encourage you to browse the wallpaper on this site because it’s perfection and incredibly affordable. Once you’ve done this your ready to move on to purchasing!!

The Wallpaper

I knew that I wanted something BOLD in this small space. Something that would really give it some pop. So when Classy Clutter came out with their wallpaper options, I knew that was the one! I picked it because it was a small repeating pattern, making it easy to match up in the wallpaper process if I needed it to. It also has a deep green in some parts of the leaves, which finalized my decision. I will be painting my kitchen cabinets a deep green later this summer, so having that cohesiveness was a must for me. It has a door, but if it were open I still wanted it to feel like a part of the space. Not an after thought.


Isn’t it just dreamy!? You can purchase your own roll here. Bonus it is on sale right now!!!


Before I dive too deep into this section I wanted to give you guys a heads up! The Container Store is currently having a 25% off sale on a lot of the items I will be linking!

I knew that I wanted to use lazy susans in the corners so I could maximize on using my space. Plus its the perfect way to store sauces and bottles. These were the only products that I bought from Amazon.

12in Lazy Susan

On the bottom shelf I knew that I wanted to have the boys snacks easily accessible especially for my 2 year old.  I decided on getting these large glass jars with metal lids to put all of our crackers or cookies in. I got 2 of the 1.5 Gal jars and 1 2qt jar. They have been my favorite pieces!!

Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Canisters


Multipurpose bins are largely the biggest contributor to the pantry. I wanted a large box that was clear so I could see what was in them. It needed to hold large boxes of pasta or large chip bags. These have been heaven sent! I ended up getting 5 XL Multipurpose Bins for chips, pasta, baking items, cake mixes and boxed dinners. 1 Large Multipurpose Bin for microwave popcorn bags. 1 Medium Multipurpose Bin for boxed broth and 1 small Multipurpose Bin for all those granola bars.

Multi-Purpose Bins


My next big obstacle was how to store my canned food. I have seen many people store their cans on a tiered shelving unit. But I have a lot of canned food and didn’t want to devote all of my space to store them. So I went a more compact route with these wire can racks. I have really enjoyed them and they have saved me on space. I ended up purchasing 5 of these bad boys.

White Gravity-Feed Can Rack


I’m a huge love of hot air popcorn but storing all the bottles of kernels was the biggest pain! So I decided why not display them in a pretty container!? Which is when I found this plastic little number! Its so fun to pour my kernels into the hot air popper.

Hermetic Acrylic Canisters


I have always hated storing paper plates or plastic utensils. I hate that the plastic around them just remains open as you try to finish the pack off. My packs of paper plates always looked messy and out of control and heaven forbid if they fell. Which is why I got that acrylic magazine sleeve!!! It’s narrow and my plates and extra utensils fit in there perfectly!!! You can see it in the top left of the above picture. It has made me feel so tricky!

Acrylic Magazine Slipcase

I like to keep a few extra rolls of paper towels and ziploc bags in the pantry and the remainder gets stored out in the storage room in the garage. But I didn’t necessarily want to see these items all the time. So I opted for a white container instead of a clear container and they have done that trick! I purchased 2 large white bins. I then needed something that had low sides but could still hold enough fruit snacks to satisfy my 2 year olds addiction. I opted for 1 small bin. Which you can also see in the above picture.

White Plastic Storage Bins with Handles

I buy things in bulk because a lot of the time it saves my large family money. So I knew I needed a large container to store all of our pancake mix, oatmeal and rice. But they needed to be air tight. Enter these cute little numbers. I got 1 in the 4qt size for our pancake mix and 2 in the 2.5qt for the rice and oatmeal!

ProKeeper 4 qt. Flour Container

ProKeeper 2.5 qt. Sugar Container


I used to buy the cereal in the giant bags. Because my kids would eat it like it was going to disappear soon. Now they suddenly resent cereal… can’t imagine why. So I opted to buy smaller cereal containers to fit a normal sized box instead of a gigantic bag! These are air tight and will keep your cereal from getting stale. Which was another problem because no one could manage to close the bag. The nerve.

4.1 qt. ProKeeper Cereal Dispenser


Under the bottom shelf with my boys snacks I store my bulk flour and sugar. I HATED trying to wrestle a giant bag to pour most of it on the floor while trying to get some in my smaller container to bake with. I mean, I can’t be the only one. These bad boys are big enough to hold like a lot of flour or sugar. I’ve never filled them all the way. But a 25lb bag fits with lots of room. They are air tight so no worries about bugs or the like! These I actually purchased in October of last year from Wayfair. Bonus they are on sale right now!! Catch a glimpse of these in the first picture under my glass containers.

Weathertight 46.6 qt Plastic Storage Tote

Along with my wallpaper I also purchased some pantry labels from the Classy Clutter shop! I love that you can choose from different colors and they are an actual sticker. Not vinyl that takes all your will power to apply. I also found another shop on etsy that I plan on using to finish ordering labels from since they are customizable!

Label All the Things – Pantry

Label All the Things - Pantry

Lets Get Working

Now for the hard work!! I started by pulling everything out of my pantry and grouping it in like items on the counters.


Honestly this part was a little bit overwhelming. There was so much stuff in there but it also gave me some relief to see a clean slate and what I was working with.
I then wiped off all the shelves and encourage you to give it a quick refresh on paint if they need it. Mine were done a few months prior so I skipped this step. You’ll be amazed at what a little paint can do!
Next step is to apply your wallpaper. I won’t go too in depth into this because I have another post coming on how to wallpaper. But don’t be afraid to do it. They have wallpaper that you get wet and apply to the wall, that is what I used, or there is peel and stick wallpaper. It’s literally a giant sticker. Both of which come off of the wall just as easy as it is to apply it.


The final step is to put all your food into their designated containers. Follow your list and organize them in a manner on the shelves that makes the most sense for the space and needs of your family. I waited to label mine for about a week. That way if I wanted to move anything or swap out containers then I had that option and wasn’t married to my first choice. Going through and labeling after will give you that sense of self accomplishment!!

That about covers it!!! I need to order a few more containers for my spaghetti sauces and hot chocolate and a few randos. But for now I’m satisfied! I love it so much and plan on upgrading the light fixture later this summer after I get a better feel for how I want my kitchen to look. So I’ll leave you with a couple hot tips.

Hot Tip #1:

Remove as much packaging as possible. I am blown away at how much room I actually have in a before cramped pantry!! It has also helped me keep it more clean with my kids getting in it multiple times a day.

Hot Tip #2:

If after filling up your container you still have some food left in the package just store it behind your container. I have done that in several areas in my pantry.

Hot Tip #3:

If you are worried about getting rid of packaging because it has the instructions for how to cook said item. Then cut the instructions out and tape them to the back of the container.

Do you feel ready and inspired to go start your own pantry makeover!? I hope so!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!