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Once I had my oldest in Kindergarten I realized pretty quickly that I needed to find a way to store all of the cute projects he was bringing home. I hated having them on the fridge because we ran out of room and it felt cluttered. So I dove into my brainstorm one night and decided he needed and box. But I couldn’t stop just there, I knew that it needed to organized so that we could look back through it over the years and know what was made when. To see how he developed over the years. But I also knew I would want that same system to be implemented with my other 3 boys, so it needed to be replicated and easy to manage without taking up a ton of space.
Enter this amazing little number!

These file boxes are affordable and work PERFECTLY!!! I purchased a few hanging folders. They worked perfect and labeled them for each year my child was in school.


Now whenever my kids bring home those ever so cute school projects we talk about them, helping my child feel validated and seen with what they accomplished. Then they are filed in their box and mom doesn’t get stressed out about the mess. No ones the wiser. I also throw all their important letters and tests in here along with extra school pictures and report cards. It is SUCH a relief to have a safe place for all those sweet projects.

When I started talking about this paper storage subject I started getting a lot of questions about all the other paper in the house. Like the bills coming in and out, taxes, pet papers, birth certificates, etc. The system I use is really quiet easy and simple and honestly it needs cleaned out in a big way. But I’ll get there eventually. We have a little two drawer filing cabinet I keep in a closet in my office. EVERY bill we get or anything of importance gets filed. I try to file weekly but honestly it’s more like monthly. It’s my least favorite chore to do. But the idea is that everything has a home or folder.


All of the health insurance stuff goes together, all the credit card stuff goes together, life insurance together, personal info like birth certificates, pass ports and social cards get put together. I even have files for all the paper work from previous loans, cars or larger purchases. I also have a fold that all of Jud’s check stubs get thrown into. I can’t tell you how many times I have need his last 2 check stubs and how grateful I was that I had them on hand and was able to supply them without asking our accountant to get me copies.

All in all it just simplifies your life. I have copies of all of our tax returns in here as well as a back up on our computer. It just helps me see the bigger picture. I’ve had times where I had paid a bill and even called and talked to someone in the billing department about it. But then got a bill several months later saying we were late on paying. It was such a relief that I was able to go back to that file, pull out the bill and find that I had written the name of the person who I talked to when I paid it, the date I paid it and how much I paid. It quickly resolved the mistake and no one got frustrated! I call that winning!!!

In an ideal world I will go through this file cabinet at the beginning of ever year and clean out all the files and throw away what we don’t need any more but honestly it’s been a couple years since I cleaned ours out. So thats on the to do list soon. Make sure you burn all that sensitive info you are getting rid of!! I hope this helps with your paper organization, heaven knows it can get out of hand real quick!!




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