10 Tips To A Cleaner More Tidy Home Everyday


I have struggled with keeping that picture perfect house every second of every day. I mean who hasn’t? And I have like a thousand kids, so double whammy for me. But I have recently started doing a few things that are super easy, every day, that don’t take up more than an hour to 90 minutes of my day. Which I love. Because who has time to clean all day errrryday!!?? So here are my tips, in to specific order.

Bonus: I also have a few tips that will help your home feel more orderly. The reason I include these, because they don’t need to be done everyday, is because when your house feels free of clutter, so does your mind and then that peaceful, I can tackle anything mood, can enter. So! Let’s get to tidying!!

#1: Clean off all clutter from all catch all surfaces. Heaven knows I have 2 places in my house that catch ALL the clutter. The bar, and the dresser in my bedroom (cough, my husband, cough) The bar is one of the first things that you see when you enter my house. So when I walk through the door and see a pile of random things on the counter I instantly get a little antsy. I have the same problem when I sit up in bed first thing in the morning and see a pile of change and receipts on my dresser. Try cleaning these surfaces off every day. Or adding a cute decorative basket that can be used to house all of the random’s instead of the surface itself. That way you can empty it a few times a week to keep things tidy.

#2: Set a timer for 20 minutes and speed clean. Pick things up like your life depended on it. If you work hard enough you can count it as your workout for the day! That’s a win in my book! But seriously, setting a timer and speed cleaning my house has made the BIGGEST difference. My boys get in on it and think it’s fun to see who can clean up the fastest. Many hands make light work! But this way your house work won’t fall so far behind. Phew!

#3: Clear your bathroom counters from any morning chaos debris. My family is a whirlwind in the morning. Getting the boys to the bus on time and Jud out the door to work on time and then myself and my two other boys to preschool and speech makes for a chaotic morning. Which means nothing got put away. Now while I am still trying to work on getting everyone to get 1 thing out and put that 1 thing back before getting another, my counters in my bathroom are still in disarray. So I started to clear them off everyday. Which probably takes me a whooping 1 minute per bathroom since most of it goes back in 1 drawer and there aren’t many things out. But trust me, there was a time when I never cleared the counters and just left them all week. Bleck!! Pretty soon we would have a mountain of gel, combs, beard wax, blow dryers and curling irons. You can add this step to your 20 minute blitz if you feel you can fit it in.

#4: Put your laundry hampers in your closets. I actually just started doing this one. I have always had Jud and I’s laundry hamper out for the world to see in our bedroom and 1 in the bathroom. But here’s the thing about laundry hampers. They represent a chore that needs done and just how caught up or far behind you are on that chore. I try really really hard to create an inspiring, relaxing and romantic feeling in our master bedroom. That is the one room the kids are not allowed to bring their toys into. No one eats in there. It’s a place for Jud and I to retreat to after a long day just be together. Which led me to putting our laundry hampers in the closet. I was reading my book, Home Body, the new one by Joanna Gains, and she talked about creating the same feeling in her master bedroom. Then she talked about what the laundry hamper represents. It 100% resonated with me. I always kept it out just because it was easier to get to. But gone are the days of ease. I want relaxation!!!

#5: Do your dishes after every meal. Yes. Every. Meal. In a family of 6 there is always someone eating. Like really, it’s insane. Some one always has a snack of some sort. Which leads to a mountain of dishes every morning. Bleck, the smell of left over dishes is more than I can handle some days. So I started doing the dishes after every meal. Now lets me honest here, I don’t ALWAYS get the few lunch dishes put in the dish washer until I am getting ready to make dinner. But the point is that you are always loading your dishwasher with grimy dishes. That way you can always start it when it is full and never have a full dishwasher of dirty dishes when you need to put all of your dinner dishes in the wash. Dinner is typically our biggest meal of the day since we only eat breakfast together on weekends and lunches are an even more rare thing. But dinner, dinner is important and we have a family dinner at the dining table almost every single night. My sanity and stress level is always lowered when I see a clean sparkly sink smiling back at me.

#6: Light a candle or refresh your scentsy. I realize this might seem like a frivolous thing. BUT we are talking about creating a more relaxing, welcoming and tidy environment right? And hygge is a huge part of my home and lifestyle. I’ll have a whole post on this later. A fresh smelling room is always more welcoming that a stuffy one. I LOVE the ambiance a candle puts off and scentsy has my heart with their millions of scents. I try to refresh my scentsys at least 1 time a week. They usually are about running out by then and I love that I can change up the scent every week. I always buy candles on clearance at Wal-Mart any time I go in. I always have one going on my stove top and one on my dresser in my master.

#7: Make your beds daily. Yes, every bed in your house needs to be made daily. This is a hard habit to start, trust me I know, but once you get it going it’s hard to quit and you’ll feel unkempt all day if you don’t make it before you leave the house, trust me I’ve also been there. My kids don’t usually get their beds made first thing in the morning, especially because two of them share a bed and 1 of those 2 is still sleeping when my older boys go to school. But they do make them when they get home from school. I recently invested in Beddy’s and haven’t looked back since. My 4 year old can even make his bed!! I highly suggest you look into them.

#8: Place toys in an organized way or in a hidden area. If you can hide them. Organize them. Am I right? My boys toys are currently in a large closet in our family room. Which is where we spend a lot of our time as a family in the evenings. So hiding the mass of toys was a must for me. It will soon be getting an organization makeover but in the mean time they are hidden. When my oldest was little and I was pregnant with my second I kept all of his toys in the front room just in a basket next to the wall. It was total anarchy. It didn’t last long and looking back I think all I did was pick toys up. When they are out of sight out of mind they are less likely to get out a ton. Which I am all for. Especially with a 2 year old.

#9: Vacuum or sweep the area that is most dirty. I would say always clean all the floors but if you are like me you’ll add this into your 20 minute blitz. So I opt to clean the floor that is the most dirty. Which more often than not is our kitchen due to all the food and high traffic. I am always amazed at what a difference and the difference in feeling once a room has been vacuumed or swept.

#10: Store hanging cords or controls in a hidden space. This may seem like a no brainier but I was looking at a couple rooms in my home the other day and realized that there were cords everywhere!! My night stand is a common place for cords. So I took a few zip ties and zip tied them together in a bunch and then tapped them to the back of the leg of my night stand. You can’t even see them now and it feels SO much simpler. You can also hid the cords from your TV if it is mounted on the wall. The other thing I noticed were PS4 controllers and remotes everywhere in my family room. So I added a cute basket to the top drawer of the credenza that our TV stands on to place such things in. Now they are safe and not getting stepped on by a certain toddler that thinks it’s hilarious.


So many of these things are things that I do daily and a few that I have done recently to make my daily life more peaceful and harmonious with my heart. I highly encourage you to start a daily blitz routine. It has made the biggest difference in my life and I know that it will in yours too.

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